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The Full Story

About ShaSha's Bakehouse

In 2021 ShaSha's Bakehouse became a little business, which continues to grow and grow thanks to the love and joy of all our customers and their love for Irish Baking !

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child cupcake.JPG


ShaSha's Bakehouse creates delicious cake that will delight the eye and tickle the taste buds. I love to see your reactions and hear how you love the baking!

My mission is keep on creating enticing bakery goods for the Wisconsin area.

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From Hobby to Home Bakery

Originally born in Cork, Ireland, I moved to River Falls in 2016. I was always a keen hobby baker in Ireland, as you know we are a small country... here in River Falls, I suddenly found myself with a much larger customer base and Irish baking was that little bit different.

I started baking as a little girl where my Mom and I would make sponge cakes, apple tarts and many other delicious items. As I got older and had my own home and large kitchen (it's a must), I was inspired by a baker called Rachel Allen who had a baking show on TV. She made it look so simple.. I started with her carrot cake and here I am today making all sorts of things!


I began with birthday orders and progressed to wedding cakes, cupcakes, custom cakes and now in 2021 to an official Home Bakery launch. It's been an amazing journey that could never have been possible without all my customers willing to take a chance on an Irish Baker! 

cake pops yoda.jpeg
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